Police Station Rep

Our Guarantee

Minimum Payment £100 + Mileage/Travel

Get paid within 24 Hours

With Solicitor Support Services, you will join the largest and fastest-growing Police Station Rep Agency in the UK. We pay every rep a minimum of £100 + Mileage/Travel per police station, and we pay within 24 hours. Simple and straightforward.

Join us today and start getting paid what you're worth.

24 Hour Pay Service

Are firms contacting you directly?   Are you chasing payment?   Do you want to be paid within 24 hours?

If you are receiving calls direct from firms to cover police stations and later finding yourself chasing payment or waiting weeks or even months for the firm to pay you, then look no further. At Solicitor Support Services, we offer a "24-hour Pay" service. Most of our Reps are paid within 12 hours. We charge a 12.5% fee from your agreed police station attendance fee, we do not deduct our fee from mileage/travel costs.


Here's how it works;

  1. Solicitors contact you directly to cover a police station and agree on a price.

  2. You then inform the firm you will be working via our company "Solicitor Support Services", who will be in control of the services you supply and billing. Please do not start a job without prior confirmation from us

  3. Text us the firm's details, solicitors mobile number and job details on 07747 255 999

  4. We will confirm the job with the firm and explain how payment will work.

  5. We then confirm the job with you via call or text. You can now start the job.​

    • All police station forms are available online from our website; please strictly use our police station forms.

  6. Once the job is complete, upload or email the relevant documents. ​​Please include an invoice when uploading.

    • Please keep hold of the paperwork as you may be required to post them to the firm.

  7. Documents and invoice are reviewed.

  8. Our service charge fee of 12.5% is deducted from your agreed attendance fee. We do not deduct any fees from mileage/travel costs.

  9. Payment will be made immediately.

    • e.g. documents uploaded at 10am payment will be made at 3pm the same day. Payment run is completed daily at 3pm.

  10. We will send you a confirmation via text when payment has been made.​

Please note when you use our "24-hour Pay" service. You are not entitled to the guaranteed payment of £100 + Mileage/Travel per police station cover. The £100 + Mileage/Travel per police station cover is for jobs that we offer, not jobs that you bring in. Jobs that we offer are also paid within 24 hours and do not incur the 12.5% service charge.

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