Are you an independent barrister?

Are you registered for public access work? 

Don't you think it's about time you got treated right and got paid right?

As independent barrister with Solicitor Support Services, you will join the fastest and largest growing Police Station Rep Agency and Solicitor Support Service Agency in the UK. 

We pay within 24 hours. Simple and straightforward.

How will it work?

We will contact you with the work available, agree on a fee with yourself. 

We will send you all the relevant paperwork we have and request further documentation from the client if needed. You handle the case, upload all the paperwork or email it to us and get paid by noon every day.​

Late/non paying firms?

If you have outstanding payments from any solicitor firm or have had experiences from the past where firms have exceeded over 28 days. We have introduced a platform for you as the rep to report each firm. 

We will chase the payments on your behalf to be paid directly in your bank without taking a penny and also blacklist the solicitor firms on a page which will exclusively be available to our reps.​ We will update this list each week to protect all our reps from solicitor firms who do not pay on time.

The solicitors have been underpaying and late paying police station reps for a very long time, and it is about time we set a  standard. ​ If you are ready to be part of the change, join us now.

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